Fall Registration Closed

Check back late December for Spring '22 details

UpdatedTuesday September 28, 2021 byStephanie Brizard.

Registration for the Fall 2021 Season is now closed.

Please check back at the end of the year when we'll be accepting commitments for players interested in participating in the spring.


LERSC is pleased to announce that we have now joined Long Island Junior Soccer League's (LIJSL) InterLeague Program (read more about it here - https://lijsoccer.com/interleague/). Under the guidance of the league, the program is designed to keep the love of soccer going for those not yet ready for Travel (but eyeing the possibility in the future), or for those that wish to play just for the pure enjoyment of the game.

Games are played on Sundays and are held throughout Western Nassau County, though there may be some crossover to the eastern areas of the county. Like our other programs, there is a fall and a spring season, and in a typical season, 8-9 games are played.

Teams are designated Boys and Girls and the age of the oldest player determines the age group of play. Age groups for the 2021-2022 soccer year are as follows:

  • U9/U10 (2013/2012)
  • U11/U12 (2011/2010)
  • U13+ (2009-2007)
  • *U15+ (2007-2004), should there be sufficient numbers among the area clubs, a HS age group could be created for competitive balance, in U13+ age groups.*



Players will wear the same numbered club uniforms as their Travel counterparts; the coaching staff has the final say in assigning numbers. All uniforms are purchased through our vendor, American Challenge: http://www.achallenge.com/pc-1272-292-travel-uniform-package.aspx. Do not order your jersey until you are assigned a number and told to do so by the coach.

Players are expected to have shin guards under their socks, as well as soccer cleats at all practices and games.  Additional equipment needed includes a regulation soccer ball (size 4 for U9-U12; size 5 for U13+), and a water bottle, which should be brought to every practice and game.  It is a good idea to have a bag and ball pump as well. If a player requires glasses, these need to be sports glasses with a strap.



Practices are once or twice a week, depending on the coach/team.  One day a week, the club provides a trainer for the team’s practice.  If a second day with a trainer is requested by a coach, the trainer’s second day is paid for by a collection taken up by the team. Regular attendance at practice is required for playing in games.  The coach works with the trainer and the club in deciding the day, time, and location of practices.