InterLeague Program Information

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What is InterLeague Soccer?

After 2nd grade, most surrounding town soccer organizations do not continue with grade-based Intramural programs. Instead, children have the opportunity to try out for a Travel team or participate in lesser competitive team play.

In partnership with Long Island Junior Soccer League's (LIJSL), the InterLeague Program provides a focus on an environment for those players that perhaps are still best served in a more developmental based, but still structured, program. Interleague offers an alternative option for U9 and above players that perhaps are not able to make the full commitment to the requirements and rigors of Travel soccer.

Teams are designated Boys and Girls and the age of the oldest player determines the team's age group of play. Age groups for the 2022-2023 soccer year (Fall '22 - Spring '23 seasons) are as follows:

  • U9/U10: birth years 2014/2013
  • U11/U12: birth years 2012/2011
  • U13+: birth years 2010-2008
  • *U15+ (2007-2005), only if we receive sufficient numbers (minimum 14 players), then a HS age group could be created for competitive balance, in U13+ age groups.

The formation of teams is dependent on the number of players committed to play and a willing parent(s) to serve as coach. No teams will be formed without both those requirements being met. All volunteers (coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, managers, etc.), must pass a background check and complete brief online courses, as designated by the league.



$175 per player, per season

  • fee is a flat fee for the season regardless of when registration occurs 
  • players required to have a LERSC Travell Uniform Kit (not included in registration fee, see below)

* Please consider making a contribution to our scholarships during the registration period. For more information, please review the Scholarships tab. Thank you. 



Players will wear the same numbered club uniforms as their Travel counterparts; the coaching staff has the final say in assigning numbers. All uniforms are purchased through our vendor, American Challenge: Do not order your jersey until you are assigned a number and told to do so by the coach.

Players are expected to have shin guards under their socks, as well as soccer cleats at all practices and games.  Additional equipment needed includes: (1) a regulation soccer ball (size 4 for U9-U12; size 5 for U13+); and (2) a water bottle, which should be labeled and brought to every practice and game.  It is also a good idea to have a bag and ball pump as well.

Players requiring glasses must wear sports glasses with a strap.



Coaches are parent volunteers who hold practices at their discretion/availability. Practices are usually once a week (some coaches may hold a second practice), with a trainer provided by the club. If a team opts for a second day with a trainer, those training fees are paid by the team. Regular attendance at practice is highly encouraged for playing in games.  The coach works with the trainer and the club in deciding the day, time, and location of practices. 

Games are played on Sundays and are held throughout Western Nassau County, though there may be some crossover to the eastern areas of the county. Each game is win, lose, or draw, and there are no standings. Games are officiated by referees provided by the home team club, and may be held in light, inclement weather (eg: light rain).

Like all of our other programs, there is a fall and a spring season, and in a typical season, teams play 8-9 games against other member clubs.


Player and Parent Expectations:


The success of our program is dependent upon the cooperation of players and parents. Whether at games or practiceS, LERSC has the following expectations of all participants:

  • Show up on-time, dressed, with a ball and water bottle, ready to play.
  • Players always try their best.
  • Show good sportsmanship (no hitting, pushing or fighting, and no foul langauge); we cheer for everyone.
  • In cold weather, jackets, gloves, hats without brims, and ear warmers are allowed to be worn.
  • Jewelry of any kind is not allowed, including earrings.  Any child who has recently (within 60 days) had their ears pierced may place either a piece of tape or a band-aid over the earrings.
  • Parents must stay off the playing field, no exceptions! THIS POLICY IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  • No smoking, no drinking alcohol, or no pets! Any parent or responsible adult who brings a pet to the field will be asked to leave.
  • Players and parents MUST be respectful towards the trainers, coaches, and club officials and are expected to respect each other. Please read and review the club's Zero Tolerance Policy. Failure to adhere will result in expulsion from the playing area and/or expulsion from the soccer club. There will be no refunds!
  • Players and Parents are EXPECTED TO CLEAN UP after their games before leaving the field.




No refunds, partial or full, will be made to any player that chooses not to participate at any point after registration for any reason. Please review our Refund Policy for full details.

Every registration is eligible to obtain insurance on your registration (for a nominal fee) from a third-party insurance provider to cover instances of injury. LERSC is not responsible for any contract that you may enter into with that third-party.


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