UpdatedFriday April 23, 2021 byCarlos Ospina.

Home Game Schedule and Responsibilities:

HI Coaches,

Good luck to all of you this season! 

- Please make sure that you know your responsibilities for your home game in regards to goals, sandbags, closing the gates, etc.

- Coaches please instruct your players and parents to clean up all the trash and please let the visiting coach know the same.

-  If your game is cancelled, please reply all coaches so everyone knows.

Safety Protocols:

  • Please call your opposing coach and discuss the safety protocol in advance (mask requirements, social distance and team/ spectator field position).
    • Ocean Ave: home team on the south side along the Ocean Ave fence. Home spectators same side on the half closer to Lakeview Ave
    • Ocean Ave: visiting team on the south side  across from home team. Visiting spectators use the bleachers.
  • Remind both teams of the spectator limit (1-2 per player). Also let them know that they must not be on the field if they are waiting for another game to finish as we need to maintain social distance.
  • Please get familiar with the League’s Remain To Play Protocols  (link below) in case there are questions  (for example: players on the sidelines must wear their masks)                                                                                                                             
  •  https://lijsoccer.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/LIJSL_REMAIN-To-Play_Spring-21.pdf
  1. Coaches’ field responsibilities :
    1. Please remember to put away goals unless there is a team ready to go in and use them.
    2. First team at Ocean Ave opens gates and moves goals
    3. Last team at Ocean Ave locks goals, puts away sandbags and locks gate
  1. Entering the score:
    1. Home team must enter the score after the game (no later than Sunday evening). You should already have been able to sign on to the schedule.

Thank you everyone for all your hard work and your cooperation. Please contact us if there are any questions.

Please always follow the mask and social distance protocols for all games, scrimmages and practices.

Thank you


Ocean Ave Spacing Map.png