Little Kickers Program Information

UpdatedMonday March 22, 2021 byStephanie Brizard.

What is Little Kickers?

Lynbrook East Rockaway Soccer Club (LERSC) has a long standing tradition of placing the welfare and growth of a child over the need for intense competition. LERSC has helped develop children to gain both a love for the sport as well as a true sense of belonging within a community.  Our Little Kickers is a program for our littlest ones, ages 2-3. It is a one-to-one child/caregiver program lead by professional trainers who work with children in their professional daily lives as teachers and/or physical therapists. We teach basic skills appropriate to the age groups.

Our "just turned 2" and young age 3 groups plays for 30 minutes. Ages 3 to turning 4 play for 40 minutes. The program is run at the same location as our Intramural Program, which is for children eligible for a Pre-K (4 year old program) through 3rd Grade, but on a different field space.


Where are the Sessions?


Little Kickers meets weekly on Saturdays at BAY PARK in East Rockaway for eight or nine sessions from September to November in the Fall, and from April to June in the Spring.



$80 per season, per child.

Please consider making a contribution to our scholarships during the registration period. For more information, please review the Scholarships tab. Thank you. 

Where Do I Register:

There is an open registration on the main page of the website. You can also register at this link:

What Gear Do I need?

All participants are asked to wear appropriate athletic clothing (weather appropriate), including sneakers, and every child should bring a size 2 or size 3 ball to play with, along with their own bottle of cold water.  Please put your name on everything.

How is My Child’s Team Determined?

Little Kickers are split into sessions based on age. There are no teams for this age group.

Player and Parent Expectations:

  • Show up on-time, dressed, with ball and water bottle, and ready to play.
  • Players always try their best.
  • Show good sportsmanship (no hitting, pushing or fighting, and we cheer for everyone).
  • In cold weather, jackets, gloves, hats without brims, and ear warmers are allowed to be worn.
  • Jewelry of any kind is not allowed, including earrings.  Any child who has recently (within 60 days) had their ears pierced may place either a piece of tape or a band-aid over the earrings.
  • During the Pre-K and Kindergarten years, we recommend all children wearing corrective lenses should use athletic safety glasses or at the very least use a protective (holder) support band. Upon entering the 1st Grade, due to safety concerns, children will be required to wear athletic sport glasses.
  • Parents must stay off playing field, unless they have submitted to an LERSC specific background check in the past year and are authorized by the club to do so. THIS POLICY IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  • No smoking, drinking alcohol, or pets are allowed. Any parent or responsible adult who brings a pet to the field will be asked to leave.
  • Players and Parents MUST be respectful towards the trainers, coaches, and club officials and are expected to respect each other. Failure to adhere will result in expulsion from the playing area and/or expulsion from the soccer club. There will be no refunds!
  • Players and Parents are EXPECTED TO CLEAN UP after their games before leaving the field.


Point of Contact:

For assistance with Little Kickers, please contact Director, Stephanie Brizard at

Weather Cancellations:

We play in the rain! We cancel sessions in cases of lightning or field flooding only. You must sign up for texts/emails to be notified of a cancellation due to inclement weather. If you have not heard via text or email that soccer is cancelled, then it is not cancelled. Please do not email or text us asking if we are going to cancel. If we do, you will know.  We do not have any room in the schedule for make-up days and we try our best to give our children a chance to play.


The club does not make any refunds, to any person, at any time, for any reason. However, every registration is eligible to obtain insurance on your registration for a nominal fee from a third-party insurance provider. LERSC is not responsible for any contract that you may enter into with that third-party.


The small-sided environment is a developmentally appropriate environment for our young soccer players. It’s a FUN environment that focuses on the player. Check out these great articles about youth soccer and its benefits: